Hi everyone,

I would just like to acknowledge the fact that the photos I have used for my background and my header are not mine so here is the bibliography to acknowledge that.

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My Family




Interesting in many ways


Youthful in the heart

My family consists of my brother Joshua, mum Jennifer, dad Rohit and of course me:)

An interesting fact about my family is that all of my family was born in India but we are also Australian too.

My favourite time that I spent with my family was when we went to New Zealand last year, we had so much fun!

This picture featured below is a picture of my family:



More about me


My name is Rhea.

I live in Australia and I’m in 6th grade.

I am 12 years old and favourite sports include netball and swimming.

I enjoy enjoy drawing in my free time as it gives me the chance to express my imagination.

I also enjoy reading as it takes me into a totally different world.

My favourite animals are pandas and jaguars. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pet but I wish I could get one.

I would definitely call Pink and Aqua my favourite colours.

I saw her..

Here I am as cold as ice abandoned in this ghastly forest. Wait, I can see someone, a girl in fact, but she’s not there anymore. Suddenly, I hear a whisper follow me. I don’t have an option so I decide to follow the mysterious voice. I have been walking for hours. But finally, the voice stops. I look around and see leaves the colour of crimson. As I tend to walk further my heavy feet splash in the clear water puddles as I try and wade through them. Ouch, my eyes are starting to prick as two cold piercing eyes were glaring straight into mine then..Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 6.49.23 pm


I SAW HER. IT ONLY TOOK ME A FEW SECONDS FOR ME TO DECIDE… n.d.PhotographTHE LITERACY SHED, accessed 27 August 2015, <>.

Tick, Tick Boom!

Tick, Tick Boom!

BOOM! The bus had just exploded Scarlett had tried to save the bus but had failed to do so. She was absolutely determined to save the next bus before it blew up. The sound of piercing screams filled Scarlett’s ears. The panic-stricken look on every single person’s face. The cloud of thick smoke gliding through the air. Coughs, chokes, death. Then BOOM! Another bus had exploded. Scarlett ran as fast as lighting to the bus, which had just been blown up. There she saw a mark. The same mark had appeared in a series of events. Then she remembered, this mark was there the night her parents had been murdered. It could only mean one thing. The person behind all of this was strong, very strong, and actually extremely strong. TICK, TICK, TICK Scarlett realised another bus was about to blow up she galloped like she was a horse in a race trying to win first place. “Get off the bus everybody get of the bus! She bellowed. People were screaming like they were about to get eaten by some vicious creature and jumped off for their lives. Scarlett was about to jump off when…

Onomatopoeia- Pink

Emotive Words- Blue

Personification- Green




Creative Commons License dido via Compfight

Using Compfight Images

For the student blog challenge I learnt how to post videos, images and sound on my blog.

These are some of the important Rules you need to follow.

  • You can use images or videos off the internet but you must reference it before posting it.
  • You can create your own videos and take your own photos and post them on your blog.

You can get a plugin called ‘Compfight’ which allows you to type in, what type of photo you want than it will give you a wide range of photos to choose from.

This is great because it is easy to use, the photos you choose automatically get referenced and this is not copy right.

I hope this post has helped.